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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pope Going To Lourdes

Fr. Tim Finigan of The hermeneutic of continuity has a post today reporting, via Zenit, that the Holy Father plans on visiting the holy shrine of Lourdes next year.

This story got me thinking of my own pilgrimage to Lourdes in '98. While I was in Lourdes I took a little walk to the information center to ask if there was a Tridentine mass available, as it turns out there was not. This was of course in the pre-Summorum Pontificum era. One of the many many positive results of Summorum Pontificum will be the availability of the Tridentine Mass for pilgrims. I have heard of shrines where the Extraordianry Rite was not allowed, the Shrine of Our Lady in Washington D.C. for example. O, how times are changing.



Fr Tim Finigan said...

Thanks for the link. Over the past four or five years, I have often been to Lourdes both with my parish and on personal pilgrimage. Next to the Crypt chapel, there are a number of small altars, two of which are facing liturgically East. The sacristan will set up for any priest with a small group (fewer than 10 people, I think) and they seem quite happy about me celebrating the old rite. (I have a rescript from Ecclesia Dei in case of trouble!)

The Latin Mass Society (and, I think, the SSPX) have been welcomed in Lourdes on public pilgrimages but outside the main "season". I hope that this will now change. The Shrine authorities seem very sensible and I believe that there will be no great problem at Lourdes.

SyrianCatholic said...

Fr. Finigan,
thank you for the information. That is indeed great news. It would be great to have the Ancient Mass available at shrines accross the globe.