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Thursday, July 5, 2007

I Don't Buy It

Rumors are flying in anticipation of the near release of Pope Benedict XVI's Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum granting greater freedom for the traditional Roman Mass. One such rumor is that this Motu Proprio will be released for a three year trial period. I tend to disbelieve this particular rumor for two reasons, that seem to militate against what I see as Pope Benedict's rationale for promulgating this document in the first place.

Firstly, I believe from the writings and statements of the Holy Father that he sees there has been a rupture in the liturgical tradition of the Church. The dismantling of the traditional Roman Missal in favor of an inorganic and completely novel liturgy was not a positive development for the life of the Church. Restoring the traditional mass to a more regular status, and having it's celebration open for all who desire to make use of this ancient liturgy will do much to mend this rupture. Therefore a time limit seems not to fit this line of thinking.

Secondly, The Holy Father is promulgating this Motu Proprio as a step towards reconciliation with the Society of St. Pius X. The SSPX made the release of the Tridentine rite mass a precondition to further reconciliation talks, and it seems to me that placing a time limit on this decree could cause the SSPX to come to the conclusion that this freedom for the mass they have called for is only a temporary thing.

Although I may be wrong, the two reasons I give above cause me to distrust this particular rumor, but, we shall soon see.


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