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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Disapointing news out of the Diocese of Orange

The Roman Catholic blog is reporting that Bishop Tod Brown has informed Fr. Tran, of St. Mary's by the Sea parish in Huntington Beach, that Catholics not officially members of that parish should not attend the Ancient Roman Mass there.

"the directive of the Bishop is very clear: for those who are not parishioners of St. Mary's by the Sea, either geographically not from our parish (visitors are OK), or intentionally not registered/willing being part of St. Mary's by the Sea (just coming for the Tridentine Mass), they should go back to their home parishes to request the Tridentine Mass or they can go to Mission San Juan Capistrano or Pope John Paul II Center to attend the Tridentine Mass celebrated there."

The article at Roman Catholic Blog can be read HERE

The article ends with this question-

" why would it be okay for such Catholics to attend the Traditional Latin Mass at Mission San Juan Capistrano or Pope John Paul II Center? What makes those locations special in such a way that they somehow transcend the newly important parish boundaries or an affiliation with a given parish?"

I do hope that many of the good people who intend to attend holy mass in the extraordinary rite at St. Mary's will approach the pastors of their immediate parishes and attempt to start a mass in the old rite there, however, the thought that these Catholics are being told to stay away from one location in particular is very troubling.


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Athanasius said...

Think of it this way:

Does Bishop Brown tell hispanics not to go to a Church for spanish masses if they are not registered there? If he is going to do that then he should tell all Catholics within his diocese to go only to that parish within the juridical boundaries of where they live, not only those of St. Mary's by the sea. This is just the Bishop's way of getting the numbers to be small, so he can say see, it isn't that big a deal, no one seems to want it. There are no substantial numbers here, etc.