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Thursday, June 21, 2007

My little note to Bishop Trautman

Dear Bishop Trautman,
Greetings in Christ Jesus. I am writing this note to ask you to please cease and desist from your opposition to the new, and I might say better, translation of the Novus Ordo missal. The only "Contemporary Relevance" we as Catholics need is accurate translations from the Latin text.

Your Excellency, please believe me when I tell you that we, the lay faithful, are sufficiently intelligent not only to get used to these new translations, but also to understand the doctrine contained within them. I remember some time ago you made a statement to the effect that modern Catholics don't understand terms like "Incarnation". With all due respect, Your Excellency ,if what you said is true, you have indicted yourself along with your brother American Bishops, in failing to adequately teach the Catholic faith to the faithful.

Instead of resisting this good translation that our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI is pleased to give us, why don't you dedicate yourself to fixing the horribly broken catechesis in this country? We, the lay faithful would be far better served by that type of action.

In Christ Jesus,

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