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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Champions of Faith DVD

DVD Documentary, Champions of Faith

I was recently sent a copy of a new DVD documentary produced by Catholic Exchange called Champions of Faith, featuring Major League baseball players, managers and coaches who are striving to live their lives as devout Catholics. Champions of Faith features Mike Sweeney, Jack McKeon, Rich Donnelly, Jeff Suppan, David Eckstein and Mike Piazza, and also has comments from players and managers such as Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez, Jim Leyland, Darrell Miller, Juan Pierre and others.

Having watched this film, I was quite moved by the stories these players and coaches tell of their fire for the game of baseball; but more importantly, their love of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church. The players and Coaches talk about their lives and careers in the light of the Gospel, and how when it comes right down to it, the Catholic Faith is the most important thing in life. Speaking for myself, I loved this documentary- seeing men who have all the success that the world can give, and yet who know and are living for the things that are from above. These are men who live for the things that the world cannot give, those things that are only found in Jesus Christ and His One, True Church.

The film is very professionally done and has beautiful scenes of Catholic Churches such as the Cathedral of St. Louis and the Mission Basilica of San Diego among others.

I heartily recommend this DVD for everyone, but especially for boys and young men who are fans of Baseball. I watched Champions of Faith with my seven year old son (who is a huge Red Sox and baseball fan), and he loved it. He told me that one of his favorite parts was watching these baseball stars receiving our Lord in Holy Communion. To me, that says it all.

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