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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Whiskey Review: George Dickel Original Tennessee Whiskey

Okay, it's about time for another Whiskey review...After all, Lent is long over.

The two or three readers of this blog already know about my fondness for Bourbon Whiskey, however this time I have selected a Tennessee Whiskey that a friend of mine introduced me to.

George Dickel Original Tennessee Whiskey is a moderately priced whiskey between $20-30 a bottle. Dickel is 90 proof and has a nice complexity to it, I get a wonderful spicy note. It has a great aroma, but gosh, I think most Whiskey's do. I drink it on the rocks as I do all other whiskey and would say that Dickel is a very good sipping whiskey and recommend it to anyone who appreciates a good Bourbon or Scotch.


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