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Monday, May 12, 2008

Tridentine Latin Mass is for all: Cardinal Hoyos

"In the introduction to the new DVD, which can be seen at, Card. Castrillon Hoyos says in particular:"It [the Latin Mass] is not a gift for the so called Traditionalists, no, it is a gift for the whole Catholic Church. [...] and then by the will of the vicar of Christ, [priests] must accept the petitions and the requests of the faithful who want this mass and must offer it to them. And even if it is not specifically asked for or requested they should make it available so that everyone access to this treasure of the ancient liturgy of the Church.[...] The Holy Father want this form of the mass to become a normal one in the parishes so that in this way young communities can also become familiar with this rite."God bless the Cardinal and the Pope!" Taken from Gloria.TV


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