Open to me the portals of repentence, O Christ our God.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Byzantine Catholic Chapel in the National Basilica in Washington, DC

"Only Begotten Son and Immortal Word of God,
Who for our salvation didst will to be incarnate of the holy Theotokos and ever virgin Mary,
Who without change didst become man and wast crucified, O Christ our God,
Trampling down death by death, Who art one of the Holy Trinity,
Glorified with the Father and the Holy Spirit, save us." -Justinian's Hymn

Laus Tibi, Christe!

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Santiago Chiva de Agustín said...

Probably you know the Youtube video “May feelings”. Young students of Universities of Madrid say reasons pray the holy rosary. (in Spanish, with english subtitles)
See it:
It is one of the most watched videos on Youtube in May.

Santiago (Granada, Spain)