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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Christendom College Add, Christendom College Offers Extraordinary Form of the Mass

College Offers Extraordinary Form of the Mass

Associate Chaplain Fr. Seamus O’Kielty, in accordance with the Pope’s recent Motu Proprio allowing for a more generous celebration of the Mass of Blessed John XXIII (Tridentine or 1962 Latin Mass), offered the extraordinary form of the Mass on November 2 in the College’s Chapel of Christ the King, a first in College history.

Fr. O’Kielty was ordained prior to the Vatican II changes in the Mass, and as such, spent his beginning years as a priest celebrating the Tridentine Mass. During the first two months of school this semester, he worked with the altar servers and reviewed the extraordinary form of the rite so that he could properly offer this great gift to the College family. The Mass of Blessed John XXIII continues to be offered each Friday morning, and at other times as well.

The College currently offers two Masses a day for its students, with the majority of them according to the ordinary form of the Mass and in English. Additionally, three of the College’s weekly Masses of the ordinary form are said in Latin, including a solemn Latin liturgy each Sunday with chant and polyphony. Having this new option (the extraordinary form of the Latin rite) available will enhance the liturgical life of the College according to the mind of Pope Benedict XVI.

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