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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

another Anglican leader has had enough of moral relativism, Crossing the Tiber


Episcopal Bishop John LipscombApparently, another Anglican leader has had enough of moral relativism. Here is an excerpt from his open letter to his diocese:

November 20, 2007,

Dear Friends in Christ,I have communicated to the Presiding Bishop my request to be released from my ordination vows and the obligations and responsibilities of a member of the House of Bishops. I have taken this step in order to be received into the Catholic Church. Through a long season of prayer and reflection Marcie and I have come to believe this is the leading of the Holy Spirit and God’s call to us for the next chapter of our lives. We are grateful to our brother in Christ, the Most Rev. Robert N. Lynch, the Bishop of St. Petersburg, for his openness to our request and for his prayerful support.I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home where I was given the gift of a deep love for the Lord Jesus Christ and a reverence for God’s revelation of his love and redemptive purpose in the Word written, as well as the Word made Flesh.

I was blessed to be brought into the family of the Episcopal Church 40 years ago. I have a deep love for the sacramental life, most especially the Eucharistic sacrifice through which God continues to pour his grace into our lives in the Word that needs no words.I will be forever grateful for the opportunities I had to serve this faith community as a deacon and priest. I am most grateful for the opportunity you, the people of the Diocese of Southwest Florida, gave me to serve as your bishop and to participate in the life of the Anglican Communion. You made it possible for me to share in the mission of God that can never be bound by geographical or political barriers.I believe God is now calling us to continue our ministry to serve in the healing of the visible Body of Christ in the world.

I am convinced our Lord’s deepest desire is for the unity of the Church.Note that the Lipscomb is finding his "UNITY" by joining the One, True Church, which is the REAL purpose of ecumenism. Pray for this man. This move takes a lot of courage.


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