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Friday, February 8, 2008

The Crescat Home Altar Tour 2008

In Responst to Carolina's request for home altar pics.

In our living room we have a built in book case that we also use as a home altar.


Anonymous said...

Love your set-up!

In the bottom picture of Our Lady of Guadelupe, is that one piece or is it a separate frame with the OLG icon in it? Also, where did you buy it? I want one!

SyrianCatholic said...

While we bought it as one piece, I think the picture could be removed from the wooden frame.

We bought it down in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico.

In Christ,

Carolina Cannonball said...

I agree! OLG is stunning. I just have a little statue but would love to have a large icon image of Her like that.

You have a very beautiful collection! SOme really amazing icons.

SyrianCatholic said...

Thanks, Carolina.
I love your Icon of our Lady of Czestachowa. Can I ask where you found it?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful...hey you've even got St Patrick..

Carolina Cannonball said...

Its a print that Steve bought for me at the National Shrine in DC. In fact Steve bought me over half my altar, the OLPH and Mary Mag.

antonia said...

WOW! I want a house with all those beautiful icons & statues!!!!! Where did you get them all?

God Bless

SyrianCatholic said...

Thanks, Antonia.
We got them everywhere from E-Bay to the local Catholic gift shop. over 10 years of collecting.

Andrew said...

Nice. Very nice.

It's been a while since I posted on this... and with Crescat's lament on the lack of Latin Rite Catholics having more statues on her blog some time ago (with y'all favouring icons), I think I'll have to go back and whip out my camera some...

But very nice.... thanks for sharing.

Mikey E. said...

looks...... vaguely familiar. :)